by Alvise Memo

Multimedia Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory , University of Padova

Hand Pose Generator Example

This page contains the software, "HandGenerator", used for the automatic generation of the synthetic dataset used in [1]. The purpose of the software is to first guide the user trough the setup of the different hand/fingers position required for the dataset, and then to automatic generate the whole dataset saving it in a easily accessable binary file. The 3D model of the hand distributed with the software has been released by [2], while a new rendering code has been developed: this is a library that deliver cross platform utilization and easy Matlab interface. On average, running on a laptop with an Intel i5-2430 @ 2.4Ghz and a discrete video card with 1GB memory, the software produces and saves an average of 150 frames per second. Please cite the papers [1] and [2] if you use this software. This software has been also used for the work "Head-Mounted Gesture Controlled Interface forHuman-Computer Interaction" by A. Memo and P. Zanuttigh that has been submitted to Multimedia Tools and Applications.

[1] A. Memo, L. Minto, P. Zanuttigh, Exploiting Silhouette Descriptors and Synthetic Data for Hand Gesture Recognition, STAG: Smart Tools & Apps for Graphics, 2015

[2] M. Saric, LibHand: A Library for Hand Articulation, "http://www.libhand.org/", 2011

Download HandGenerator, available for Windows and Linux systems.

HandGenerator by Alvise Memo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .
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