Locally Consistent ToF and Stereo Data Fusion

Carlo Dal Mutto*, Pietro Zanuttigh*, Stefano Mattoccia** and Guido M. Cortelazzo*

* Multimedia Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory, University of Padova, ** University of Bologna


This page contains the datasets used for the experimental results of the paper "Locally Consistent ToF and Stereo Data Fusion" by Carlo Dal Mutto, Pietro Zanuttigh, Stefano Mattoccia and Guido M. Cortelazzo presented at the 2nd Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision (held jointly with ECCV 2012).


Three different scenes have been acquired with the same camera and ToF setup. The camera matrices and calibration data (expressed in meters) can be downloaded here. There is a .zip file for each scene containing :


Scene A

scene A


Scene B

scene B

Scene C

scene C
Calibration data is available here
Ground truth data is available here

If you are interested in our research you can visit our website: http://lttm.dei.unipd.it

For any question or clarifications about this datasets please write to: zanuttigh@dei.unipd.it