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Fabio Dominio, Research Grant

e-mail: fabio.dominio(at) 


Phone (office): +39 049 827 7774


Skype: fabio.dominio



Fabio Dominio was born in 1987. He received a bachelor degree ("Laurea Triennale") in Computer Engineering in 2009 and a master degree in Computer Engineering ("Laurea Magistrale") in 2011 (110/110) both from the University of Padova. Since 2012 he is a PhD student enrolled at the Science and Information Technologies PhD School under the supervision of Prof. G. M. Cortelazzo and joined the LTTM (Multimedia Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory) research group. His research interests are in Computer Vision and 3D data processing, and his main research activity is focused on 3D human-machine interfaces with bare hand as controller. 



Research interests

My main research interests are:

·         Acquisition of dynamic 3D scenes

·         Fusion of multiple sensors for 3D reconstruction (cameras and Time-Of-Flight sensors)

·         3D human-machine interfaces with bare hand as controller

·         Eye gaze estimation



Journal papers:


Book chapters:


Conference proceedings:

  • G. Marin, F. Dominio, P. Zanuttigh, "Hand gesture recognition with Leap Motion and Kinect devices,"  IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pp.1565-1569, Paris, France, Oct. 2014
  • G. Pozzato, S. Michieletto, E. Menegatti, F. Dominio, G. Marin, L. Minto, S. Milani, P. Zanuttigh, "Human-Robot Interaction with Depth-Based Gesture Recognition", Real Time Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction Workshop, 2014
  • G. Marin, M. Fraccaro, M. Donadeo, F. Dominio, P. Zanuttigh, "Palm area detection for reliable hand gesture recognition", Proceedings of MMSP 2013, Pula, Italy, 2013
  • F. Dominio, M. Donadeo, G. Marin, P. Zanuttigh, G.M. Cortelazzo, "Hand Gesture Recognition with Depth Data", ACM Multimedia Artemis Workshop, 2013
  •  C. Dal Mutto, F. Dominio, P. Zanuttigh, G.M.Cortelazzo, "Hand Gesture Recognition for 3D Interfaces", Proc. of STDay 2011, Turin, Italy, September 2011 (Best Paper Award)
  •  L. Bezze, C. Dal Mutto, P. Zanuttigh, F. Dominio, G.M.Cortelazzo, "ToF Cameras and Microsoft Kinect Depth Sensor for Natural Gesture Interfaces", Proc. of CHItaly; Alghero, Italy, September 2011

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