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Ludovico Minto

Ludovico Minto, Ph.D. Student

e-mail: mintolud(at) 


Phone (office): +39 049 827 7774


Skype: ludovico.minto


About me

I am enrolled as a Ph.D. student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Padova since November 2014. The same year, I received my Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, also from the University of Padova. During this time I had the chance to grow and deepen many of my interests about computer science and technology, going from algorithm design paradigms and computational complexity theory to software engineering. I am now conducting my research at the Multimedia Technology and Telecommunications Lab (LTTM), dealing with fundamental problems both from the Computer Vision as well as Machine Learning fields.


Research interests

My research interests are:

  • Semantic scene labeling using RGB-D data

  • Deep learning

  • Hand pose and gesture recognition from depth data



Conference proceedings:

  • L. Minto, G. Pagnutti, P. Zanuttigh, "Scene Segmentation Driven by Deep Learning and Surface Fitting", Geometry Meets Deep Learning (ECCV 2016 Workshop), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2016 (accepted for publication)

  • A.Memo, L. Minto, P. Zanuttigh, "Exploiting Silhouette Descriptors and Synthetic Data for Hand Gesture Recognition," Smart Tools and Apps in computer Graphics, Verona, Italy, October 2015

  • L. Minto, G. Marin, P. Zanuttigh. "3D Hand Shape Analysis for Palm and Fingers Identification" International Workshop on Understanding Human Activities through 3D Sensors (FG 2015 workshop),  Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2015

  • G. Pozzato, S. Michieletto, E. Menegatti, F. Dominio, G. Marin, L. Minto, S. Milani, P. Zanuttigh, "Human-Robot Interaction with Depth-Based Gesture Recognition", Real Time Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction (IAS-13 Workshop), Padova, Italy, July 2014

Book chapters:

  • L. Nanni, A. Lumini, L. Minto, P. Zanuttigh, "Face detection coupling texture, color and depth data", Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis, Springer, April 2016


  • P. Zanuttigh, G. Marin, C. Dal Mutto, F. Dominio, L. Minto, G. M. Cortelazzo, "Time-of-Flight and Structured Light Depth Cameras", Springer International Publishing, 355 p., ISBN 978-3-319-30971-2, June 2016