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Super resolution of depth and color data

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One of the main drawbacks of the ToF cameras is their low resolution. For this reason, in [1] and [2] we proposed a super resolution method of depth maps with side information given by a standard high resolution camera.

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----[1] V. Garro, C. Dal Mutto,P. Zanuttigh, G.M. Cortelazzo
-------- "A Novel Interpolation Scheme for Range Data with Side Information"
--------CVMP 2009 (IEEE)
--------London, UK, November 2009.
--------[ BibRef ] [ Project Page ]

-  [2] V. Garro, C. Dal Mutto,P. Zanuttigh, G.M. Cortelazzo
"Edge-preserving interpolation of depth data exploiting color information",
--------Annals of telecommunications,
--------Springer Paris, pp 1-17, August 2013



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