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Funded projects:

2016-19  Next generation Time-of-Flight cameras Industrial Project Sony EUTEC
 2014-17 Mu-Blast: Study of the capability of muon tomography to map the material composition inside a blast furnace European Project European Union
2015-16 Touch-less gesture recognition system for visual configurator applications Industrial project PrismaTech Srl
2014-16 3D Cloud Vision: augmented 3D vision and scene understanding in distributed networks University project University of Padova
2013-14 Videoanalisi avanzata con informazione 2D e 3D FSE project Veneto Region
2012-14 3D Touch-less Interaction University project University of Padova
2010-13 Mu-Steel RFCS project European Union
2010-12 Algoritmi decisionali dedicati alle ricostruzioni tomografiche
con raggi cosmici
University project University of Padova
2010-11 Tecnologia per l'acquisizione 3D di superfici in movimento applicata acontesti industriali FSE project Veneto Region

Nuova strumentazione di misura 3D e controllo qualità 3D per la competitività del comparto meccanico, calzaturiero e dentale

FSE project Veneto Region
2008-16 Robotic 3D video (R3D) Seed project University of Padova
2007-08 Progettazione e sviluppo di un sistema innovativo di rilevamento di fenomeni ambientali per la sorveglianza intelligente di edifici privati e pubblici Indsustrial project Elmo Spa
2008-10 Compression and transmission of static and dynamic 3D scenes over a band-limited channel University project University of Padova
2006-08 Three-Dimensional Shape Indexing and Retrieval Techniques (3-SHIRT) PRIN MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research)
2006-07 Project NORA (Realization of a PDA guide with GPS navigation and advanced multimedia features for the archeological site of Nora) University project ARCUS
2004-06 Forma e colore (Shape and Color) University project CARIPARO
2003-06 FIRB-PRIMO - Reconfigurable platforms for wide-band wireless communications FIRB MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research)
2003-04 Automatic construction of metrologically validated 3D models for odontosthomatology applications University project University of Padova
2002-04 Veridical Imaging of Transmissive and Reflective Artifacts ( VITRA ) IST European Union
2001-02 Software Development of a Portable System for the Acquisition of Both Three-dimensional Structure and Texture of Sculptures Coordinated Project-Agency 2000 Italian National Research Council
2001-03 METAVISION IST European Union
2000-02 Implementation of a System for the 3D acquisition of Exterior Anatomic Surfaces University project University of Padova
1997-2000 Data Acquisition Techniques for teleinspection of objects and places of museal interest Finalized project cultural heritage Italian National Research Council
1997-98 European Posters Collection (EPOC) RAPHAEL European Union
1996-97 Realization of geometrically and colorimetrically calibrated mosaics of images Integrated Project Italian National Research Council
1994-96 Model based Analysis of Video Information ( MAVI ) Human Capital Mobility European Union
1995-96 Low Power Elecronic Systems: Analog Architectures for the Multidimensional Sampling and Filtering of Video Signals Contribution Italian National Research Council
1994-95  Iconografic Archive and Virtual Presentation of Museal Objects Special project  
1992-94 Analysis, Coding and Synthesis of Images based on M-D models PRIN MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research)
1990-93 Finalized Project: Telecommunications Finalized Project Italian National Research Council