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We are working with prof. David Taubman of the University of New South Wales (Australia) to create a client-server system for the transmission of textured 3D models.

In the proposed scheme both texture and geometry data (represented by a set of depth maps) is available at the server compressed in a multi-resolution scalable way. Texture information is represented by a set of views of the 3D model compressed in JPEG2000 and stored by a JPIP server. The aim is to show the best possible rendering of the current view, conditioned on the availability at client side of previously transmitted information for other nearby views, and subject to a transmission budget constraint. The proposed framework introduces a distortion framework to estimate the distortion in the rendered views at client side on the basis of the transmitted information and of the scene parameters. This estimation is used at server side to decide how to allocate transmission resources between the delivery of new texture data and new elements from the geometry bit-stream. It is also used by the client to decide how to blend the available data coming from the different views. Wavelet techniques are exploited to blend together information from the different views.

Download the 3DTV-2007 presentation of the project ( .pdf format )


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